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Attractions Near Hotel 31 in New York City


1 block, 1 minute walk from Hotel 31
Hotel 31 is surrounded by restaurants, within just a one block radius there are 15 restaurants including Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, and Mexican as well as Pizza shops, Bakeries, an Ice Cream parlor, Diners and three Coffee Houses (Regular).

Empire State Building

4 blocks, 5 minutes walk from Hotel 31
Take a ride up the Empire state Building to the 102nd floor observatory 1,050 feet, 320 meters high and get a 360 degree view of New York City. Starting point of 5th Avenue between 33rd Street and 34th Street.

Madison Square Garden

5 blocks, 6 minutes walk from Hotel 31
A world famous 19,500 seat arena hosting events such as basketball games, symphony’s, operas, concert’s, or one of many other venues. Starting point of 31st Street between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue.

Herald Square

6 blocks, 8 minutes walk from Hotel 31
In this retail zone you will find the world’s largest Macy's among other well-known shops and department stores in the Manhattan Mall. Starting point of Broadway between 33rd Street and 34th Street.

Times Square

14 blocks, 18 minutes walk from Hotel 31
Take a stroll through Times Square and gaze at the huge number of animated neon and led signs whose density rivals those of Las Vegas… Stop at one of the numerous numbers of theatres located throughout the Theatre District hosting some of the world’s most prestigious shows… There are also many shops and diners to stop in as you stroll past the towering skyscrapers.  Starting point of 43rd Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue.

Rockefeller Center

18 blocks, 23 minutes walk from Hotel 31
Spend the afternoon ice skating outdoors, in the audience of NBC’s Today Show, taking the Radio City Tour, watching the annual Christmas tree display, shopping at world class retail stores or eating at one of the many notable restaurants located in New York City’s midtown. Starting point of 49th Street between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue Museums.

Madison Square Park

6 blocks, 8 minutes walk from Hotel 31
Spend some time strolling and relaxing in this unique park, you may catch one of the frequent events featured at the park such as art display, kids’ festival, outdoor concert, and book reading. Starting point of Madison Avenue between 26th Street and 25th Street.